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Saying goodbye can be hard.

These items come into our home as functional objects to serve a need and they leave with meaning, some very interesting stories, and deep emotional connection with memories that last a lifetime.

Parting with them is sometimes hard enough; Loop removes the friction from this process.  We strive to create a rhythm - an experience that is reliable, repeatable, and predictable where you are in control.  


Protect your personal Information. 

No more sharing your home address (and other personal info) with others on the internet.

We do not share any of your personal information - not even with the buyer.


Your safety is important.

No more strangers showing up at your home.  We conduct extensive screenings to verify drivers on our network.  The driver safety screening process includes verifying the driver's valid license, a Criminal Record check, and an interview process.

Set Your Boundaries

Avoid difficult and awkward conversations that create uncomfortable situations for both parties. 

The connection between the two is still maintained in a safe digital online space while Loop facilitate the offline exchange.


We will schedule the pickup so it's most convenient for you. 


No need to provide and repeat instructions every time.


We also support Porch Pickups as they are faster and require less coordination.


Once the buyer has paid, we'll coordinate with you for the pickup.  We can accomodate a porch pickup or a scheduled pickup, based on your preference.  

Sell Fast. Earn More.

No more flaking, ghosting, and no-shows, and definitely no more holds.


We expect a commitment from the buyer in the form of a payment to create accountability.

How It Works

01. Once you and the buyer have agreed, the buyer can send a payment directly to you, or to us.  This secures the item for them.

02. We will coordinate with you to pick up the item. Porch pickup is the easiest (if possible) - all you have to do is keep the item on the porch and let us know where to find it.

03. We will pick up the item and deliver it to the buyer.  If the buyer paid us, we will transfer the payment to you.

Note: We also send status update messages so you are aware of when we are coming, when the item is picked up, and when it gets delivered to the buyer.


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