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Our Story

As a parent of two little ones (ages 2 and 4) I often hold an image in my mind of the world in their grandchildren's time.  It's a stark reminder of the magnitude of change that our generation needs to make. and FAST. This journey begins with a first step and for us that first step starts at home.  


As conscious consumers, my wife and I were diligent about buying second hand for most of the things we needed for our children - bassinet, change table, baby swing, clothes, winter gear, shoes, books, toys, crib, activity table, and the list goes on - driving to all corners of the city to pick things up.  (though buying 'pre-loved' items was a practice we held long before being parents - our dining table, wedding dress, video games, and more, all came from a local marketplace).


Though we live in a world where our ‘new’ packages arrive on the same day, and the groceries within a few hours, trying to buy a pre-loved item from another parent can be a total drain - it takes days of back-and-forth coordination, last minute schedule changes, the need for a car, the traffic, surging gas prices, having to work around naps, having to take the kids along, and we’ve all experienced this one at some point - the worst of all - the No-show !  and then be ghosted forever.  This is not limited to buy and sell only - the process is equally broken for when parents want to give away and receive items as well.

This leaves you exhausted, disheartened, and hopeless.  With the demands of parenting, work, home, life, and somewhere in there caring for yourself, it’s no wonder that even parents with the best of intentions eventually resort to buying it new online, sometimes at full price - so they can simply forget about it and move on to the next item on their never ending To-Do list.


It’s about time this changes; and rather than waiting for it to get better, we are taking action.


Hi, I’m Naseer Roopani and the founder of Loop.  What started as frustration for our family has evolved into a passion to make this experience not just easy and convenient, not just accessible and affordable, but also enjoyable, pleasant, and memorable.  This is about shifting the paradigm, empowering our culture, and raising awareness about the impact these decisions have on our lives, our communities, our current and future generations, and our planet. 


Loop is a local startup founded in Toronto with a mission to make it super easy and simple to buy/sell children's items from other parents in your local community - all from the comfort of your home.  Our objective is simply to strengthen the local community, support parents and families with accessibility and affordability, while maintaining your privacy and safety, and keeping perfectly good things out of the landfill. 


p.s. If you are a parent that buys/receives or sells/gives pre-loved children’s items within your local community (i.e. via Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or others), please reach out - We would love to hear from you. What worked for you - any memorable moments or connections?  What was broken about this process - any horror stories?  How can we make this a better experience, and maybe even turn it into something that is 'culturally cool'!!

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