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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and Selling items for your little ones is sensitive and emotional experience.  

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How do I pay for the item?

If you are buying from a trusted source and are comfortable paying them directly, then you can pay them directly.  If you are not 100% comfortable, you can send us the payment and we will pay the seller once we have the item in our hands at pickup.


Can I schedule multiple deliveries at once?

Absolutely.  We will pickup all the items first and then deliver them all to you at once.  This may not be possible depending on the sellers availability but we will try our best.


Which areas do your currently service?

We are currently servicing the core Toronto area.


Do people get scammed on Marketplace?

Unfortunately, this is also part of our reality and we try to maintain a positive experience for all our customers.  We suggest following some tips and guidelines:

- Review their personal profile - are they active on Facebook? Have they posted any pictures/posts?  How old is their account?  (tip: if its less than a year old, tread carefully).  What is their current seller rating?


Should I share my home address with others on Facebook Marketplace?

It is safer not to share your personal information with others on Facebook Marketplace - i.e. your home address, phone number.  At loop, even though the buyer and seller have connected, we still do not share any personal information with either person.  Your privacy is important and your data is not shared. period.


What Covid precautions do you take?

All our pickups and deliveries are CONTACTLESS.  Our Drivers are always wearing a mask during an exchange, and maintain social distancing practices. 


How is the delivery cost calculated?

The cost of delivery is calculated based on a number of different factors - including the distance, number of items, size/weight, value of the items, and the urgency of delivery.  Get your free estimate now.  


How can we contact you for more details?

You can contact us via email at and also visit our Facebook Page (

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