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Welcome to loop

We deliver the children's items you buy/receive from Facebook Marketplace (and more)

We're trying something NEW (until May 31)

$8 Same-Day Delivery
Anywhere in Toronto.

Porch Pickup & Porch Drop-off Only

Schedule by 5pm.
Delivery same-day by 8pm-Midnight.
$8 - Small items (i.e. Diaper Bag or smaller)
$10 - Medium items (i.e. Diaper pale, Car Seat etc.)
For large items like bassinets, feeding chairs, cribs, let's chat...

(Examples are just for size approximations)
Please ensure the pickup item is on the porch by 8pm.
Payment for delivery can be made via Email Money Transfer (EMT) to

Need Help?  Have Questions?

Chat with us directly in Messenger now !

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Our Story

 This is about shifting the paradigm, empowering our culture, and raising awareness about the impact these decisions have on our lives, our communities, our future generations, and our planet. 

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How it works

It's easy and simple - once you and the seller have agreed on the exchange,

we pick up the item and bring it to you.

send a message

Send the link of the Post, and

tell us when you need it*

click the Messenger now...

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all you have to do...

what loop does for you...

coordinate.  pickup.

We will coordinate with the Seller to pickup the items (based on their availability).

schedule.  deliver.

We will bring the items to you quickly and safely.

No payment needed nowNo Credit Card required.  You pay when the item is delivered.

*For your first booking, we will require additional details (contact info, dropoff address etc);

How much does it cost?

No payment required now.  You pay when the item is delivered.

Delivery Cost Estimate

There are several factors that make up the cost of your delivery.


Distance travelled from the Sellers home to your home.

Number of Items

How many items are being


delivered at once.


How quickly the items need to be delivered - tomorrow vs few days.


Will it be a Porch pick-up and drop-off vs a scheduled time to  meet.

Size and Weight

How bulky are the items and how much they weigh to carry/transport.


What is the total $ value of all the items being delivered.

What we've delivered to other parents
learning towers, book shelves, baby carriers, strollers, diaper pails, playpens, mini-slides, activity tables, play kitchen sets, clothes, playmats, jackets, white boards, diaper bags, books, and the list goes on...

Ask us about an item you would like to have delivered...

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The Loop Experience
If we don't get a chance to meet you at pickup or drop-off,
we like to leave behind personalized handwritten notes.

Sometimes, it's the little things that count.


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