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We deliver baby items you buy/receive from any marketplace

(so you don't have to)

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How it works

It's easy and simple - once you and the seller have agreed on the exchange,

we pickup the item and bring it to you.

01 - Schedule

Send the link of the Post, and

tell us when you need it*

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What you do...

What loop does...

02 - Pickup

We will coordinate with the Seller to pickup the items (based on their availability).

03 - Delivery

We will bring the items to you quickly and safely.

*For your first booking, we will require additional details (contact info, dropoff address etc);

Choose your delivery preference

  • Have your items delivered tomorrow.

    1 hr

    starting at $9.99
  • Have your items delivered within the next few days.

    1 hr

    starting at $7.99
  • Contactless, easy, and safe.

    1 hr

    starting at $5.99

No payment required now.  You pay when the item is delivered.

Buying on marketplace?
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Buying a pre-owned baby item should not be this hard - we're here to make it easy !

We strive to create a rhythm - an experience that is reliable, seamless, and predictable where you are the one in control. 

Find the best deals

​Save Money. Get more value.

Find the best deals and commit to the purchase without any hesitation. You may not be able to go but we can help.


​Sellers are typically motivated to sell their items and cash out.  Often its possible to negotiate with them, especially if you are ready to commit without hesitation and arrange a fast pickup.

Buy Nothing

​This is not limited to a purchase.  Did you receive an item from another generous parent?  We also deliver items that you receive from Buy Nothing groups and items that are given away or passed along.

Multiple items

​We will pick up all the items first and then deliver them all to you at once.  This may not always be possible depending on the sellers availability but we will try our best

Say No More...

No car needed.
No more driving.
No getting stuck in traffic.
No spending money on gas.
No need to ask a seller to hold an item for you.
No need to ask anyone for favours or rely on anyone else for pickup.
No need to make this pickup a family affair (unless of course the kids insist on coming along).

No need to try and match schedules with the seller.

No coordination required.

No need to carve out time for this in your day - there is plenty else on your never ending to-do list.

No more missing out on 'fastest pickup preferred' deals because you don't have a car or because you can't just 'pause' your work and run for the pickup.

No more of the "oh, someone else was able to come before you so I sold it to them. Sorry, not sorry"


Schedule the booking to confirm that you are committed to purchasing the item; then forget about it... until it appears at your doorstep.


​If you are buying from a trusted seller and are comfortable paying them directly, then do so.  However, if you don't know this person and are not 100% comfortable, you can send us the payment and we will pay the seller once we have the item in our hands at pickup.

See our FAQs for more details.


Be sure to read the complete description thoroughly and look at all the actual pictures of the item.  If the seller has not provided a detailed description or posted actual photos of the item, we recommend you ask them to share these with you.  We also recommend asking about the condition of the item. 

This avoids disappointments later. 

Selling on marketplace?
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Saying goodbye can be hard.

These items come into our home as functional objects to serve a need and they leave with meaning, some very interesting stories, and deep emotional connection with memories that last a lifetime.

Parting with them is sometimes hard enough; Loop removes the friction from this process.  We strive to create a rhythm - an experience that is reliable, repeatable, and predictable where you are in control.  


Protect your personal Information. 

No more sharing your home address (and other personal info) with others on the internet.

We do not share any of your personal information - not even with the buyer.


Your safety is important.

No more strangers showing up at your home.  We conduct extensive screenings to verify drivers on our network.  The driver safety screening process includes verifying the driver's valid license, a Criminal Record check, and an interview process.

Set Your Boundaries

Avoid difficult and awkward conversations that create uncomfortable situations for both parties. 

The connection between the two is still maintained in a safe digital online space while Loop facilitate the offline exchange.


We will schedule the pickup so it's most convenient for you. 


No need to provide and repeat instructions every time.


We also support Porch Pickups as they are faster and require less coordination.


Once the buyer has paid, we'll coordinate with you for the pickup.  We can accomodate a porch pickup or a scheduled pickup, based on your preference.  

Sell Fast. Earn More.

No more flaking, ghosting, and no-shows, and definitely no more holds.


We expect a commitment from the buyer in the form of a payment to create accountability.

Delivery Cost Estimate

There are several factors that make up the cost of your delivery.


Distance travelled from the Sellers home to your home.

Number of Items

How many items are being


delivered at once.


How quickly the items need to be delivered - tomorrow vs few days.

Size and Weight

How bulky are the items and how much they weigh to carry/transport.


What is the total $ value of all the items being delivered.

Gas Price

At times, extreme surges in gas prices may impact the delivery cost.

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